Rules of Engagement

REGISTRATION: Each player must register a profile & profile picture with MoneyBattle. The picture must be of themselves, no icons or logos please. 

TAKING PART / GENERALLY CHALLENGING: To take part in MoneyBattle you have a few options. 1. You can challenge a player via our forum, social media or directly with the MoneyBattle team or 2. You can be selected to take part in a 'Wild Card Match' (See Wild Card Match rule). All players must be registered with a complete MoneyBattle profile. (Note: Note: MoneyBattle have final approval for all matches taking part in our events).

PLAYERS FEE: Each player who takes part in MoneyBattle is required to pay €10 to the house bar. This is to support the club in providing the multiple tables, spectator arena and staffing throughout the full event. No exceptions will be made.

GAME: 9 or 10 ball (Standard game rules apply)

STAKE: Minimum stake is €100 Per Player

SUPPORTERS: Each MoneyBattle player must bring a minimum of 3 supporters to his game.

MONEY: Total stake from both players must be transferred to MoneyBattle 3 weeks before the match (Bank details will be shared once match confirmed). Ensure to add in your name as reference for the payment. All winnings will be handed to the winner on the day of the event. 

RACE: Each 9 or 10 ball match will be race to 15, this is to support the MoneyBattle event schedule and competing players.

However, should players agree to an alternative break format or play for a large amount (over €1,500 total pot) then the race can or may be reviewed by the MoneyBattle team / Players.

RACK: Rack your own & magic racks will be used. For 9-ball = 9 on the spot & 10 ball standard rules apply. Should another rack option be preferred this can be discussed between the players in collaboration with MoneyBattle.  

BREAK: Winner breaks with 3 point rule (3 point rule = At least 3 balls must be pocketed or touch the headstring for it to be considered a legal break). Should another break option be preferred this can be discussed between the players in collaboration with MoneyBattle.

NOTE: If rack or break cannot be decided between the players then MoneyBattle general rules will apply. Please be aware that if alternate break is agreed then the race could potentially need to be shorter, should the event time table not permit.

WILD CARD MATCHES: MoneyBattle has the option to add an additional wild card match into the event program. The game and players will be selected by the MoneyBattle team. Anyone interested in a Wild Card Match please contact MoneyBattle or post in the relevant forum page.

UNABLE TO PLAY: In case a player needs to cancel, they must notify the MoneyBattle team at least two weeks prior to the event. If the player notifies within two weeks prior to the event then the player cancelling will incur a charge of 10% of their stake. This is to be reserved for any additional costs relating to finding a replacement or to support any costs incurred by the opposing player should a match not go ahead. (Hotel, flights or fuel etc)

DRESS CODE: Note there is no dress code for MoneyBattle. All that we ask is for each player to respect the live stream, event and our sponsors and avoid wearing caps, shorts and flip-flops.