We are pleased to announce the next MoneyBattle event will take place on the 2nd of June, the day after the Deurne City Classic is finished. 


MoneyBattle #4 will be a special event, a "High Stakes Edition" with a Min stake of 1,000e per player. 


We have a lot of interest already in this event, however if you would like to play or know someone interested in playing, please contact is directly. 


More to come



MB Team



We are pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Plan B and the sponsors to provide the live streaming for the DCC 1 pocket warm up competition. This will take place on the 18th of April 2015.


See all the event information here.


This will be a great event in a great venue and of course with great streaming and commentary.


Hope you can join us.






We are pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Ames Pool Hall and all the sponsors to provide the streaming for the next Deurne City Classic. The event will take place from May 28th to June 1st. 


List of Events


  • 9 Ball Main Event - Sponsored by Molinari
  • One Pocket - Sponsored by Cheqio
  • 9 Ball Bank Pool - Sponsored by Aramith
  • 14.1 Challenge - Sponsored by Loontjens
  • Kamui Challenge - Sponsored by Kamui
  • 10 Ball High Roller Event - Sponsored by Ames Pool Hall
  • Plus many 9 Ball and 10 Ball Ring Games.


To find out more and to register go to the main event website http://www.deurnecityclassic.com/ or take a look at the Official Event on Facebook - Click Here


We look forward to seeing you there.



MB Team 


MoneyBattle Event #3


The 3rd MoneyBattle Event has been selected and will take place on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of March. 


****MoneyBattle Event #3 Final Match Update****


See below updates to more side matches at the MoneyBattle event this week Friday 13th & Saturday 14th of March. In total now we have over €7,000 at stake over the 2 days. Wow.


Friday 13th March 


Table 1

8pm - Csaba Honffy v Attila Nyeste (10ball - €500 - R15)


Table 2

8pm - Sil van Venrooij v Bart Urselmann (9ball - €300 - R15)


Saturday 14th March 


Table 1

12:00 - Jelle Kijlstra v Ivar Saris (10ball - €500 - R15)

16:00 - Ivo Aarts v Alex Montpellier (9ball - €1,300 - R21)

20:00 - Morits Lauwereyns v Alex de Vries  (9ball - €550 - R21)


Table 2

12:00 - Crelis Hogchem v Radjis Ramoutar (10ball - €300 - R15)

16:00 - Otman Acharrat v Geordie Sahilatua (9ball - €200 - R15)

20:00 - Adam Kiernicki v Sha Chong Woo (10ball - €500 - R15)


Side Matches


Saturday 14th March (Not Streamed Live)


12:00 - Kem Sen v Rani Matti (9ball - €800 - R19)

16:00 - Marc Bijsterbosch v Alain da Costa (10ball - €800 - R21)

20:00 - Roy Gerards v Alex Montpellier (9ball - €1,000 - R21)

Time/tbc - Martin Sawicki v Fauzi Halaby (10Ball €300 - R13)


Looks like we have ANOTHER cracking line up for MB#3



MB Team


Follow us on our Facebook Page or the MB3# event for more updates



MB Team


All the matches from MB#2 have now been uploaded to our Vimeo MoneyBattle channel. Hope you enjoy them as much as we did. There were some cracking games


Thanks for the support in sharing and liking.




Don't forget we have now announced MB#3, which will take place on Friday the 13th and Saturday the 14th of March, click here to go to the MoneyBattle Event and our Facebook Event.

Due to the high demand to take part we are looking to extend the event to have 2 matches on the Friday evening again.

If you want to still put your name in the mix with the rest of them, then please drop us a post in the forum or contact us directly.


MB Team



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