We are pleased to announce 2 new members to the MoneyBattle team.

Joris van Amersvoort & Kevin Dijkstra

Both Joris and Kevin have a great passion for pool, like we do at MoneyBattle, so we are sure they will fit right in.

Welcome to the team.

Exciting times ahead.

More to come...


Joris van Amersvoort



Kevin Dijkstra


We are please to announce that we have launched a new MoneyBattle Channel


New MoneyBattle Channel - Click Here



The decision was made due to some technical restraints and challenges using the YouTube set, which resulted in delays for us sharing earlier.


Please check out the new channel along with the MATCHES and INTERVIEWS from MoneyBattle Even #1. We have uploaded 16 videos so afar and the remaining few matches will be done ASAP.  Thanks for sharing and liking our videos.


If you want to stay connected with MoneyBattle please remember to subscribe to our channel and like our Facebook Page.


We are still learning in this new pool adventure, so thanks for all the support and feedback so far. Great!


Hope you join us for MoneyBattle Event #2 on Sat Jan17th, either in person at Ames Pool Hall Deurne or via our FREE live stream via this website. We have some awesome BATTLES coming up where players are battling to take their share of the €2,600 at stake. 



MB Team


Matches confirmed. 


Rene Peeters v Ralf Mrnka (€300) 12pm (10ball to 15)

Aziz Moussati v Tobias Bongers (€300) 12pm (10ball to 15)


Kevin Becker v Marco Teutscher (€600) 4pm (9ball to 21)

Jacco Wieringa v Sydney Florisson (€700) 4pm (9ball to 21) 


Rani Matti v Zadrach Zingadji (400) 8pm (9ball to 15)

Gijs van Helmond v Roy Gerards (300) 8pm (9ball to 21)




MB Team


Short update on the next event planned for Jan 17th 2015. 


Matches confirmed so far.


Rene Peeters v Ralf Mrnka (€300) - New

Rani Matti v Zadrach Zinagdji (€400)

Gijs van Helmond v Roy Gerards (€300)

Jacco Wieringa v Sydney Florisson (€700)


More to follow.



MB Team


Hi All. 


Due to the high demand requests for matches we have decided to remove the winner stays on option rule. This means that the players from event 1 still have the right to return and accept a challenge for event 2, however any winners from event 2 will not be given the option of winner stays on for event 3.  Please read our updated rules - Here


This doesn't mean winners can't play future events it just means we will open the platform to allow more players to take part and challenge. (Note: all challenges MUST be collaborated with the MB team via our social media platforms, our website or with us directly)  


We see this as a positive step for MoneyBattle as it will bring much more diversity to the events.  


Looking forward to MoneyBattle #2. 



MB Team


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