Here are the results from all the matches at MoneyBattle Event #2. 


Thanks to all the players for taking part in this event and making time to do before and after match interviews with us, it was great and I'm sure our MoneyBattle followers will look forward to seeing them once we share them.

Hard luck to the losers in the games, you fought well, however big congrats to all the winners, well done guys.

We had some cracking games full of entertainment so be sure to check out the match videos once they have been uploaded to our MoneyBattle Channel.



Big shout out to the supporters who came down to Ames pool hall and joined us on the Friday and Saturday, but also to all the guys online via the free live stream, it was great to chat with so many of you via the chat box. Thanks for joining and supporting us as well as all the players.  



All of us at Team MoneyBattle felt its was a great event and the feedback from the players, supporters and live stream viewers was very positive. So thanks and please feel free to share with us any feedback from the event. We are always looking to improve as we continue on this new and exciting journey.


We would like to last but not least thank all our sponsors for their support to make these events happen, we couldn't do it without them. Kamui Tips & Chalk, Mezz Cues, Clash tables, Ames Pool Hall, Cheqio and Pulse Audio & Vision.


Table 1

Rene Peeters 15 v 7 Fauzi Halaby (€300)

Kevin Becker 11 v 21 Marco Teutscher (€600)

Rani Matti 15 v 7 Zadrach Zingadji (€300)


Table 2

Aziz Moussati 12 v 15 Tobia Bongers (€300)

Jacco Wieringa 18 v 21 Sydney Florisson (€700)

Marc Bijsterbosch 8 v 15 Roy Gerards (€300)


Friday 16th Evening Matches

Emir Secener 6 v 15 David O'halloran (€300)

Martin Sawicki 12 v 15 Maurice Houben (€300)


Photos, match videos, players interviews and walk on video all coming soon......stay in touch with us on our Facebook page and our new MoneyBattle Channel on Vimeo.




MB Team




All the matches and interviews are now uploaded to our new MoneyBattle channel on Vimeo - Click Here


Please take a look and check them out. All for free.



MB Team




Unfortunately due to Gijs v Helmond not being able to deposit the money in time we have no choice but to replace the player. 


The good news is that we have a replacement opponent for Roy, Marc Bijsterbosch, and Roy has agree to the Battle. 


We are sorry towards the players for these changes however we have deadlines in place to ensure we can organise and run the MoneyBattle events successfully. If we don't stick to the deadlines it won't work.


Thanks for the support and we hope you support the players in person or via the FREE LIVE STREAM on the day.



MB Team



Our final match is now confirmed for Friday the 16th of Jan starting at 8pm. 


Emir Secener v David O'halloran - Winner takes €300



MB Team.


Due to the high demand in people wanting to play in the next MoneyBattle Event on Sat the 17th of Jan, we have decided to add 2 extra matches on the Friday evening before. We have one match already confirmed


Maurice Houben v Martin Sawicki - Winner takes €300


We are working on confirming the 2nd match asap.



MB Team.

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