Here it is everyone the final results from MB#6. Great matches, great event. Videos will be uploaded very soon.


12pm = Fauzi Halaby 15 v 10 Emir Seçener = €400 total pot, 10ball R15

4pm = Rani Matti 9 v 17Jim Telfer = €600 total pot, 9ball R15

8pm = Adam Kiernicki 12 v 15 Joshua Harkelijn = €600 total pot, 10ball R15


12pm = René Peeters 15 v 5 Timur Khodjaeva = €400 total pot, 10ball R15

4pm = Otman Acharrat 12 v 15 Jeroen de Keijzer = €700 total pot, 9ball R15

8pm = Dennis Mast 13 v 15 Maurice Houben = €400 total pot, 9ball R15

MB Team and


Hi All,

We can now announce the matches and shedule for MB#5. Im sure you will agree we have some very nice games planned.

We also have a a few firsts in this event.

1st rematch
1st lady v lady
1st lady v man
1st couples

Plus some first time players. Perfect!

12pm = Ivo Aarts & Jim Telfer v Marc Bijsterbosch & Gerrie Kuik = €2,000 total pot, 10ball R15
4pm = Arya Sohrabi v Cyriel Ledoux = €300 total pot, 10ball R15
8pm = Tamara Peeters-Rademakers V Kamilla Khodjaeva = €400 total pot, 9ball R15

12pm = Billy Kelly v Micha Beuriot = €400 total pot, 9ball R15
4pm = Rani Matti v Rene Peeters = €500 total pot, 10ball R15
8pm = Csaba Honffy v Ryan Duffels = €600 total pot, 9ball R15

Free stream will be via: and







We apologize for being quiet these last 2 months, we have been very busy promoting and working on some new project. Saying that, we are excited to bring you some news.


Due to the great work and efforts from the team here at MB we have been requested to provide more events and streaming services across Holland & Europe. Very exciting !!


To ensure that we drive MoneyBattle in the most professional way, we have decided to support these requests by creating a new streaming production company, OrangeForks Productions, which will be producing all our streaming events going forward, ''including MoneyBattle events''.


We have many events still to come in MoneyBattle and the next will be announced very soon, so stay tuned and check out this page and website for more details soon.


To ensure you stay connected with future events from OrangeForks Productions please like our page for news and updates.

The page is live now and the website is under construction so more will come in these coming weeks.



OrangeForks Facebook - Click Here



Also to let you know the first OFP event will be the 10k prize fund Longoni Benelux Open next week, check out the link for more details on the event. What an amazing field of players.

Longoni Benelux Open - Event Details Click Here







MB Team



Following discussions with the players and the DCC staff it was decided to change the schedule here at the DCC on the last day. 

Instead of the High Stakes 10 ball event the decision was made to support money game requests between the players. (Which we of course love at MoneyBattle)

This meant there was no High Stakes 10ball event played but instead arranged money games throughout the day, of which MoneyBattle streamed and supported.

Due to this there is less action and we have decided to move MB#4 to another date. We will announce this once confirmed.

Thanks to the DCC team for their organisation, it was flawless.

Thanks to Ames Deurne , Harry and his amazing staff who looked after us during our stay.

Thanks to all the all the sponsors of the event and all the players, it couldn't happen without them.

So for MoneyBattle it has been a great event and we hoped you enjoyed the livestream and commentary as much as we enjoyed providing it


See you soon for MB#4



We are pleased to announce the next MoneyBattle event will take place on the 2nd of June, the day after the Deurne City Classic is finished. 


MoneyBattle #4 will be a special event, a "High Stakes Edition" with a Min stake of 1,000e per player. 


We have a lot of interest already in this event, however if you would like to play or know someone interested in playing, please contact is directly. 


More to come



MB Team


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