MoneyBattle Event #4

2015-11-21 00:00
Energiestraat 1, 5753 RN Deurne, Netherlands


Here it is everyone, the next instalment of MoneyBattle. 


We are please to announce MoneyBattle #4 will take place on the 21st of November in Ames Pool Hall Deurne. We have also made the decision to focus on the Saturday only with a maximum of 6 matches available. This means that we will no longer plan matches on the Friday before. 


We now have all 6 matches confirmed, so if you want to take part in MB5 or MB6 please contact us directly via our forum or Facebook page.



Johan Palé v Otman Acharrat - 10ball €300 total pot - R15

Ryan Duffels v Csabi Honffy - 9ball €600 total pot - R21


Fauzi Halaby v Jim Telfer - 10ball €300 total pot - R13

Mario Martokarijo v Raymond Kloosterman - 10ball €500 total pot - R15


Rani Matti v Arya Sohrabi - 9ball €700 total pot - R18

Dennis Mast v Bart Urselmann - 9ball €300 total pot - R15



MB Team


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  • 2015-11-21 00:00