Plan B 1 Pocket DDC Warm Up Event - Streamed by MoneyBattle

2015-04-18 00:00
Overtoom 209, 1054 Amsterdam, Netherlands


We are pleased to announce that we are partnering up with Plan B and the sponsors to provide the live streaming for the DCC 1 pocket warm up competition. This will take place on the 18th of April 2015.


This will be a great event in a great venue, check out the picture below. If you have never been to Plan B then you should for sure get yourself there. It is one of the nicest pool halls in the Netherlands.


So far there is a strong field of players with an estimated prize fund of just under 1,000 euros (with 32 players confirmed).

See the most up to date list of players below. 


  Official Players list    
  Name   Country
1 Espen Falkenhaug   NL
2 Rani Matti   NL
3 Jean Paul Kievit   NL
4 Gijs van Helmond   NL
5 Anselm Heilmackenräuter   DE
6 Huidji See   NL
7 Monsieur Poolskaa   NL
8 Kevin Den Hartigh   NL
9 Sebas De Vos   NL
10 Marko Nielsen   NL
11 Pepijn de Witt   NL
12 Rolf Van As   NL
13 Martijn Wooningss   NL
14 Eelco van der Heijde   NL
15 Tate Palmer   MN, USA
16 Csaba Ferenc Honffy   NL
17 Fauzi Halaby   NL
18 Daniel Campbell   PA, USA
19 Justin Gebhart   KY, USA
20 Gethin Davies   NL
21 Alex Lely   NL
22 William Arles Giraldo Orozcoo   NL
23 Emir Seçener   TR
24 Михаил Плискоо   RUS
25 Jeroen van der Linde   NL
26 Bernard Walker   USA
27 Aydan Bos   NL
28 Joppe Orth   NL
29 Paul Desgrippes   NL
30 Ali Majed   NL
31 Egon Grinwis   NL
32 David van Streepen   NL


See all the event information and players list here.






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